We at IVARI Sports, created our brand to bring a modern urban look to the sport we love: Hockey.

We want to change the image of the sport by releasing sleek yet functional clothing which in return can help inspire people from different backgrounds to take up Hockey.

With our inspiration from the urban city of London, we aim to create a modern range that will become the go-to place when it comes to Hockey Clothing.

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We are a team of professionals with the ingrained belief of becoming the ‘best version of yourself’.

Founded in 2017 with the vision to combine innovative style with reliable sportswear; we strive to make IVARI Sports the brand you can trust to deliver.

Originating from the iconic city of London, we produce unique garments with influences from our multi-cultural capital embraced.


IVARI Sports strives to create clean quality performance clothing for the sporting individual.

We aim to produce apparel that revolves around the sportsperson so you can perform at your best with an added urban look.

We offer a solution to the dynamic needs of the modern day athlete. These challenges are recognised in collaboration with top competitors to provide you with the best tools to unlock your true potential.

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Featured Products and Services



Quality apparel to enhance your game intelligently made by IVARI Sports. Find the innovative garments you need to express your style with the functionality to match.
Off The Pitch

Off The Pitch

Be stylish yet comfortable with our new ‘Off The Pitch’ range. We offer a variety of premium quality clothing designed to complement your sporting look.
Custom Clothing/Kit

Custom Clothing/Kit

We also offer custom clothing and team kit to facilitate creating your visions with our unique design. Get in touch for more information on styles, materials and quotes to create your dream kit.